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Converting Hotline and Packaging Hotline always provide us with exceptional value and have helped to stretch our advertising dollars far beyond what we imagined. They constantly present us with new ways and options to reach new customers and keep our message fresh for buyers. Recently, we have added company videos and customized email blasts to our marketing. We have seen increased call volume, traffic to our website and many new contacts since we started our ad campaign. We have averaged 5 calls a day in just the 1st week since our email blast went out and just sold a machine as result of that blast! Within 24 hours of our video placement we’re already receiving phone calls about the machine in the video and looks like it will be a sale for sure!

Thanks to the staff at Converting Hotline and Packaging Hotline. I look forward to working with you for many years to come!

Gulf Coast Converting Equipment, 941-894-0945

We have used Industry Marketing Solutions to promote our products for some time. We currently deploy ads in four of their titles to ensure visibility for our products. Their ability to provide print and digital media solutions provides us an efficient media spend. Their staff is professional, friendly, and responsive and they are an integral component in our media plan.
Federal Equipment

We have been frequent advertiser with Converting Hotline for the last few years, and have found it to be the best value for our marketing dollars. We have found that we get fantastic lead generation and yet spend half as much as we would in other print sources. With every opportunity, there are always additional “extra’s” that are included and these have substantially increased the traffic to our web site. Advertising with Converting Hotline has proven to be a solid and effective advertising tool, and we will continue to do so for many years to come.
Pat Drescher, V.P.Marketing, Andantex USA Inc., 800-713-6170

I have been dealing with multiple mass marketing companies that offer both digital and print magazines, email campaigns, webpage banner highlights, and various spotlight opportunities. However, I wanted to express how impressive your audience quantities and the subscriber quality truly are. Not to mention, the efficient pricing and assorted packages available through this company are unmatched anywhere else. Many organizations cannot provide the statistics and in-depth information about their marketing efforts quite like you guys do; in fact, they don’t even come close. This is an amazing organization, and we look forward to working more with Converting Hotline in the future!
Jamie Spotts – Griff Paper & Film

After advertising for years in Converting Hotline on a semi regular basis, with excellent results, this year we made the decision to increase our advertising exposure. Working with Converting Hotline personnel, we formulated the best “bang for the buck” strategy we could afford. With the exceptional value it provides, we were able to stretch our advertising dollar far beyond what we imagined. It has paid off! This year our company has been blessed with tremendous growth and opportunities. Most of that growth has come directly from customers, new and existing, that have seen our advertisements in Converting Hotline.
Brad Gottlob , President – QMI, Inc

One thing about Converting Hotline that really stands out in my mind is that my sales rep always contacts me before I even have a chance to call him. He checks out our auction calendar and when he sees that there is an appropriate opportunity, he has the advertising options and associated costs ready for me. Even in the auction business, where everything happens so quickly, Converting Hotline always works as fast as necessary to get my ads created, approved and placed in time so that we won’t miss out on any advertising opportunities.
Marion Illouz – Capital Recovery Group, LLC

As a frequent advertiser in Converting Hotline for many years, we are very happy with the consistent, exceptional value it provides to help us reach the end users and decision makers in the industry. Their customer service is FANTASTIC and the staff is helpful and professional. In regards to print advertising Converting Hotline has been one the best advertising sources for us here at Polymag Tek. I would highly recommend an advertising/marketing relationship to any company who wishes to communicate their message to the converting /printing industry.
Ron Sweet – Polymag Tek

Converting Hotline has been a great vehicle for Jemmco’s advertising budget. They provide excellent customer service, assist us with creating and “tweaking” our ad copy. We have found that our ads have brought serious customers to Jemmco.
Trudi J Opad – Jemmco, LLC

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