AICC Members Can Access FFTA FIRST Individual Certification Programs

| March 13, 2018

AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, and the Foundation of Flexographic Technical Association (FFTA), have partnered to allow AICC members to access the FFTA’s flexographic image reproduction specifications and tolerances (FIRST) individual certification programs at the same price as members of the Flexographic Technical Association (FTA).

Joe Tuccitto, FTA director of education, explains that FIRST is designed to provide all members of the flexographic supply chain with the technical information needed to produce high-quality and consistent print results. “This publication assists in successful printing, pressrun after pressrun. FIRST is a set of specifications, not standards. When followed, these specifications facilitate producing a predictable, consistent result.”

Three certification tracks are available:
FIRST Press Operator Certification builds flexographic printing experts who will consistently yield the best possible print quality. This expert press operator is proficient in the areas of color management, process control, troubleshooting and implementing corrective action procedures to bring systems into control for repeatable, predictable results.
FIRST Prepress Operator Certification creates experts in the field of flexographic prepress (graphics) operations. This expert prepress professional excels in the areas of graphic file assembly, preparation and management, image capture, process color calibration, and measuring and controlling print variables throughout the entire workflow.
FIRST Implementation Specialist Certification yields experts in flexographic printing support, consultation and communication, who are proficient in communicating the principles and practices of FIRST. It is designed for supervisors, managers and non-production personnel, including suppliers of flexographic products and services.

“These courses augment the online education currently available through AICC. We are pleased to partner with another association to provide this benefit to AICC members,” says Mike D’Angelo, AICC vice president.

More information can be found at and purchased in the AICC store at


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