Kids Stickers get Holographic Effects

| January 29, 2018

The market for youth stickers has been hot for some time. And now stickers with holographic effects are all the rage.

(Overland Park, KS)  – Kids use stickers to decorate their notebooks, backpacks, skateboards, and clothes – even their faces. It’s a way to be cool … to make a statement … or just to express their feelings. EMOJIs. Sport logos, hearts and animals, cartoon and movie characters …kids love stickers. Kids especially love stickers with a holographic “wow” look.

Laminated films and foils have often been used to create dynamic looking youth stickers. But now, with the availability Cast and Cure™ (C2™) holographic films from Breit Technologies, creating that “wow” sticker is easier and more economical than ever.

Cast and Cure is a decorative coating process that integrates “casting” and “curing” techniques to form high quality, decorative surfaces with ultra-high gloss, rich-matte and intriguing holographic finishes on a variety of substrates. C2 patterns can be applied using both sheet-fed and web-fed (flexo and gravure) equipment. C2 films can be reused multiple times and run on most existing cold foil machinery.

Breit Technologies also manufactures a quality line of multifunctional equipment capable of performing the Cast and Cure process as well as laminating, metalizing and spot varnishing. Custom installations on existing machinery is readily available.

Holographic C2 films are shipped to customers worldwide. All C2 holographic effects can be viewed on the company’s web site.

Breit Technologies:  (913) 492-8081

For the Editor:

Breit Technologies is the world leader of the Cast and Cure™ technology, a decorative coating process for package printers that forms unique, high quality surface finishes such as ultra-high gloss, matte, texture and holographic patterns. These effects are ideal for creating visual impact and product differentiation on retail shelves and are often incorporated as an anti-counterfeiting feature. Today Breit Technologies is a global supplier of Cast and Cure™ solutions to customers in over 50 countries, providing both the specialized high-speed equipment as well as a vast inventory of films with an extensive array of finishing patterns. Equipment is available for sheet fed applications, narrow to wide web applications, and can be integrated with existing processes in-line, off-line or in by-pass mode. The process uses eco-friendly, VOC-free inks and varnishes, is less expensive than hot and cold foil stamping, and can use UV, LED or EB curing.

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