Pearl Improves Innovative Wicketer Design

| April 3, 2018

Pearl’s Lightning Wicket Attachment with optional Seal Saver

Pearl’s innovative wicketer creates precision tear-offs at lightning-fast speeds. The one-piece design ensures specified gap sizes will not change, eliminating bag rejections.

Recently, Pearl designed a feature that guarantees zero accidental cuts from handling, installing or removing the punch.  Teeth are never exposed outside of the attachment so there is no way to drop it, hit it or damage the teeth while installing it!

Installation is just as easy as the original design and still saves a great deal of time during changeover, seconds instead of minutes!  The box is transparent, allowing operators to see the color coding of the body and punch shape.  Custom gaps and shapes are also available.

Product Features:

  • Tool-less punch changeouts in seconds
  • Built-in scale for quick hole spacing adjustments
  • Eliminate weak seal blowouts with optional seal saver head
  • Patented clamp extends punch life
  • No more customer rejects
  • Simple mounting and installation

Various profiles available by Pearl. Custom designs can also be requested!

Call today to learn more: 315-365-3742.  Or visit

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